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Buying or selling a house is new territory for most people, especially if you’re coming from a different culture.

I know what it feels like to be in an unfamiliar situation. During this transition, it makes all the difference to have a friendly and caring guide by your side. I can help you prevent costly mistakes to ensure a quick, stress-free process.

I understand the need to have answers quickly so you can make the right decisions. Fast, proactive communication is my top priority.

I work with clients who live in Massachusetts as well as clients based across the world — Asia, South America, and beyond.

When you work with me, you get a network of trusted attorneys, accountants, and lenders who assist me and understand the complexities of this process.

I’m a part of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors. I hold a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), which means I’m continuously working to educate myself about international real-estate transactions; and At Home With Diversity (AHWD) to help buyers of all cultural backgrounds achieve the dream of homeownership.

As an agent, I like to be Global with local footprints.

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Client Testimonials

When Sarah first met Soraya Abreu on the other side of a real-estate transaction, her first thought wasn’t one she’d expected to have: She’s a lot better than the agent I have now.

Sarah was buying a home in Waltham. It was a home that needed a bit of updating, and so Sarah offered a bit under the asking price. What struck Sarah was the demeanor Soraya exhibited in their negotiations. She was always responsive. She always came off as professional. She didn’t ever get flustered or upset.

“She just seemed more calm and collected, and she really seemed to think about the issues,” Sarah said.

Years later, when Sarah was ready to sell the home, she reached out to Soraya to ask for representation in their sale. She’d put a significant amount of money into updating the home, but Soraya didn’t just do research online to help her determine a listing price – she visited other open houses in the area to get a firsthand look at comparable properties.

After Sarah put the house on the market, she fielded nearly 15 offers. Soraya presented her with a worksheet of the offers, including the pros and cons of each one. The two finalists were a cash offer that could close quickly, and the other was an offer for a bit more money that needed financing and thus would take an extra month to close.

As it turned out, that extra month was right when the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the United States. Sarah is endlessly grateful she took the advice Soraya gave her – to take the bird in the hand rather than reaching for every last dollar.

“I’m so glad we did,” she said. “At this point, we don’t even know if the house sale would have gone through.”

It’s not easy to keep a home staged to sell, especially when you’re living in the home with two young kids.

That’s when a seller needs deep trust that her realtor knows when it’s imperative to have a particular showing, even if it might be inconvenient, and when the showing can wait until a more convenient time.

Le and her husband first met Soraya Abreu at an open house when she was buying a home in Andover. She didn’t have an agent herself then, but she immediately bonded with Soraya.

“She’s so incredibly friendly and warm,” Le said. “She was sweet with our kids. We really became friendly.”

In fact, Soraya even became a client of Le at her hair salon in Boston – and Soraya sent one of her daughters to Le’s salon, too.

Four years later, when Le was selling her house, she went back to Soraya to list the house for her. It was in January, so the market was quiet – which made it that much more challenging. The relationship Le had built with Soraya came with an implicit trust about when and how open houses and individual showings had to happen.

“She was always respectful, and she tried to give me as much time as possible,” Le said. “There was one time or maybe two that I really couldn’t do it, and she would just say, ‘OK, no problem, I’m going to see if they can come another time.’”

The most interested buyer for Le’s home, it turned out, needed to sell their own home before they could close. That meant Soraya didn’t just monitor the market for Le’s sale; she monitored the market for the sale of the home of her most interested buyer.

“She was always on top of it,” Le said. “She checked on their status on a regular basis – and they were the ones that ended up buying the house.”

She really made the buying experience very easy and quite fun! What I loved the most about Soraya was that she made us feel like we were her only clients; she was super attentive and had a very quick response time.

Her number one priority was to get us into the place we wanted, and not pushing other properties like you’ll see some agents do- just thinking of their commission.

She wanted the right fit for her client.. not to mention her knowledge of the real estate market was quite impressive.

I would totally recommend Soraya to family and friends. She is by far the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. Thanks Soraya!

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